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full design services

This option is best for larger renovations or new builds. It provides you with full design and elevation plans, millwork details, as well as clickable concept moodboards. It is a collaborative approach where we find the best suitable design plan for your budget and prepare all the documents needed for the trades. It is a fixed fee service per floor dependant on how elaborate the project is. 

​à la carte

The "à la carte" service is best for smaller renovation or layout projects such as a bathroom or a family room where we can adapt the design services to the client's needs. It can be a layout plan, clickable decor moodboards and/or millwork. It is a 110$/hour fee for which we estimate our time initially based on the scope of the project.  

2 hour consultation

This option is best if you are simply looking for a designer's perspective or renovation advice and do not wish to commit to a full design service. It entails a one-time only 2 hour in-house consultation where you can ask all and every question or dilemma you might have about your design decisions. This service can be booked anytime during your renovation.

It is a one-time fee of 300$+tx

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